Stressbusters is our rockstar prevention and outreach program that’s reaching and relaxing students and staff at Harvard, the university of Missouri, St. John’s and other schools. It trains volunteers to provide free wellness breaks and resource referrals at rapid relaxation events all year long.

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Stick-on Dot Calm (Biodot) stress trackers change color according to your stress level and recipients LOVE them. They are fun and informative training and teaching tools, giveaways and conversation starters. Check out Also check out Relaxation’s Greatest Hits, The Stress Manager’s Manual and our free Stress Release newsletter.

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Combining his remarkable stress-to-success story with Quick Calm, Stress GPS and other crowd-pleasers, stress management speaker Jordan Friedman presents dynamic programs that strengthen leadership, teamwork, performance and health. Jordan’s engaging keynotes and training workshops are designed to accelerate professional and personal development priorities for your executives, staff, students and members.

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Stress is a hot topic among business leaders, health-conscious consumers, parents and others who are stressed and eager for simple and effective stress reducers.  Jordan Friedman, aka The Stress Coach, will teach your viewers, listeners and readers about sttress and de-stressing strategies as he did recently on NBC’s Today Show.

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Give your colleagues and students a wellness assistant and virtual health spa customized with your programming, resources and branding. The Stressbusters wellness app for iOS and Android is the new way to engage audiences wherever they are with coaching, health incentives, video and 24/7 relaxation on demand. The app also benefits members, guests, patients and clients.

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